Point Of Use Water Filter

What is a POU water filter? A Point-of-Use (POU) water filter system is a filter installed on one particular plumbing fixture, like a kitchen sink, as opposed to a POE (Point-of-Entry) which is installed where the water enters the home and treats all the water to the entire house. The 2 main types are R.O. … Continued

Water Treatment FAQ

Is Water Treatment a Gimmick? Whether you are on well or municipal water, all water is susceptible to elements that come from the ground. Ever noticed an odor or staining from your homes fixtures? Ever been curious as to what chemicals localities put in their water? Our water treatment specialist collects a sample of your … Continued

Capital Mechanical Water Treatment Systems

Cleaner, Clearer Water for Your Home With the correct water softening, conditioning and filtration system, your family can have clearer, cleaner, healthier water. Your home’s water should feel better on your skin and hair; stop staining your toilets, showers, sinks, tubs, linens and clothes and most importantly, taste better and be safer to drink. Water … Continued