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Plumbing Professionals

The quality of Capital Mechanical’s plumbing installations and service saves time, money and homes.

Our work on the jobsite is backed by technology and top-quality field supervision.
Every time.

Established in 2003, we have accumulated a wealth of industry experience and knowledge by installing plumbing in 25,000+ homes. We offer our professional plumbing services to builders and homeowners in the Northern Virginia region, spanning south to Richmond and Williamsburg, and reaching west to the panhandle of West Virginia.

Having an in-house Quality Improvement department enables us to manage every aspect of every job to our high expectations. Plus, our use of technology goes beyond even what’s used by some of the area’s largest builders. From digital walk-throughs of installations before inspectors arrive, to virtually instant answers to questions that arise in the field, we insure exceptional “Job Complete” performance.


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