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Cleaner, Clearer Water for Your Home

With the correct water softening, conditioning and filtration system, your family can have clearer, cleaner, healthier water. Your home’s water should feel better on your skin and hair; stop staining your toilets, showers, sinks, tubs, linens and clothes and most importantly, taste better and be safer to drink.

Water quality effects every aspect of your life. From bathing, drinking, cleaning and much more. Cities have to treat public water systems with chemicals like chlorine and chloramine to make it safe and hard, mineral laden water from local wells can leave stains, spot glassware, ruin clothes, and even corrode plumbing and appliances.

Without knowing what is in your water there is no way to know how to fix it, which is why Capital Mechanical tests your water before recommending any treatment options. Since each system and each home is different, Capital Mechanical will build a system specifically to your individual needs.

What’s in your homes water?

The benefits of a water treatment system added to your home are significant. Whether you are on a well or municipal, water can have an odor, create stains, and effect health.

Capital Mechanical is proud to offer our existing customers with a water filtration system right for their home.

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City Water Solutions

Is your home on city water? Taste like chlorine? Our packages are designed to help eliminate harmful contaminates and provide healthier water to your home.

As always, we can tailor our equipment to your wants and needs.

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Well Water Solutions

Owning a home that receives water from a well can have many benefits, such as independence from municipal water supplies and knowing exactly where your water supply comes from. However, along with this independence comes the responsibility of ensuring that your water is safe and clean for everyday use. 

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