The Vital Role of Water Treatment Systems for Well Water Owners

Owning a home that receives water from a well can have many benefits, such as independence from municipal water supplies and knowing exactly where your water supply comes from. However, along with this independence comes the responsibility of ensuring that your water is safe and clean for everyday use. 

Water treatment systems not only play a crucial role in ensuring the water your family is consuming and using daily is free from contaminants, but they also improve the quality of your water, help protect against plumbing damage, and overall provide peace of mind. As experts in home plumbing, we have a range of water treatment options to support the unique needs of your home, family, and budget.

Entry Level Cartridge Sediment Filter

If the appearance of particles in your water is a regular occurrence, this entry-level filtration system has the power to eliminate an estimated 95% of all visible particles. Sediments like sand, silt, loose scale, clay, and other organic materials will be a thing of the past. Plus, your kitchen appliances and water heater will thank you as excess sediment build-up can lead to clogs and erosion of your plumbing system. 

Base Treatment Package

The Base Treatment Package will reduce iron, correct the pH and soften the water as well as reduce most of the visible particles down to 1 micron. This means better water for bathing and drinking. You’ll also notice an improvement in common odors that are present within your water and a reduction of red staining on plumbing fixtures. In addition, this package includes a drinking filter at the kitchen sink.

Premier Drinking Package

In addition to freeing your water of sediments, balancing the pH, and removing harsh minerals, the Premier Drinking Package helps improve taste and odor issues such as the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. In addition, this water treatment system features a UV light to remove harmful bacteria that may try to enter the home, providing an extra layer of defense and even more peace of mind. 

You and your family deserve to have cleaner and clearer water, and we can help make that a reality. To learn about cost, installation, maintenance and more, contact Captial Mechnical to discuss the best water treatment option for your home.