Capital Mechanical’s HomeAid Support

HomeAid National Capital Region recently featured Capital Mechanical’s owner Chris Carspecken in their monthly newsletter! The exert below is from the article, also posted on HomeAid’s website that can be found here. – Building Hope Newsletter, November – HomeAid National Capital Region ( Within this same article, HomeAid writes about their recent FACETS project in which Capital Mechanical participated in a 5,000sqf renovation for the Fairfax community!

Support Spotlight

Working Together, Giving Back, and Making an Impact

Capital Mechanical, based in Dulles, Va., has been delivering plumbing to the homebuilding community since they were founded 20 years ago, and they’ve been a loyal partner to HomeAid National Capital Region for almost as long. We recently sat down with Owner and President Chris Carspecken to learn a little more about what has inspired him to work with us, most recently on our FACETS and Communities of Trust projects – read on to find out what the experience has meant for him and his company!

Chris Carspecken

Q: Why do you say “yes!” to HomeAid?

A: We see ourselves as part of the entire community, by providing careers for our employees, plumbing solutions to the home building industry, and giving back to the community in meaningful ways. It is always rewarding to be a part of improvements that matter, whether it’s for one family or a whole community. It enriches us all, and HomeAid’s mission is one I have always believed in and wanted to be a part of. We have never said ‘no’ to a Builder Captain or HomeAid if there is a plumbing need or fundraising event.

Q: What does Capital Mechanical enjoy most about working with HomeAid Builder Captains and other trade partners? 

A: Our experience has always been positive. Since most of our projects have been remodeling efforts, we often run into some ‘unique’ challenges, but we always get through them together. It’s great to see the camaraderie among the trades when working on a HomeAid project. It puts a whole new spin on working together and knowing that everyone is there with the same mindset of wanting to give back. It’s rewarding, brings things into perspective, and reminds us what is important – working together and changing lives.

Q: If other trade partners were considering getting involved with HomeAid, what would you tell them? 

A: Absolutely do it! It’s a positive for the community, which feels good, but it’s also a positive to engage your employees into doing something charitable and meaningful. Giving back to the community in which we live and work makes everyone feel proud to say, ‘Hey, we did that!’ Capital Mechanical is always all in, and I recommend involving the suppliers, as most of them are willing to support projects by donating materials. I would also encourage trade partners to get engaged with the many events that HomeAid holds throughout the year. It’s a great way to give back, the events are fun and, guess what, a lot of your customers are there!

Q: What do you love most about your career and the homebuilding industry in general?

A: I left a successful career in the IT field to start a plumbing company 20 years ago. Many people thought I was crazy to do it, but it has been a great adventure! I love growing the business and enjoy seeing all the opportunities we provide for our many employees and subcontractors. I have also grown to appreciate the relationships that you can build in our industry. As big as the homebuilding industry is in our area, it feels like a close group of trade partners and homebuilders working hard to deliver the dream of homeownership every day.