2021 Year-in-Review

What a year it has been! Between the COVID pandemic, manufacturing delays, labor shortages, and an overall spike in new home buyers, Capital Mechanical overcame and continues to conquer the challenges we face. Jobsites have been busy since March, with new starts coming in every week.

Capital Mechanical will have plumbed 2,262 homes in 2021.  That’s a 38% increase over last year!

That’s aproximatly 1 million feet of PVC pipe!
That’s about 200 miles!

343,772 PVC FITTINGS glued together with
7,985 Quarts of PVC Glue used!

While our production team has been very busy, our Service team has grown substantially as well. Adding our new Homeowner Service Department has increased our customer support with extended service agreements. In addition, we have invested in bringing Water Treatment solutions to homeowners, completing the full circle of plumbing services.

Annual Awards

Capital Mechanical’s tradition is to give out awards to our Employees who were recognized by management for going above and beyond in certain categories. This year’s winners are:
  • Quality Award: These employees consistently produce high quality work, achieve first time inspection and job complete conditions, and rarely have backcharges or repeat work. This award went to Guillermo Martinez, Eric Stottlemyer, and Hiberth Parra
  • Safety Award: These employees follow safety practices every day on job sites; Hardhat, boots, gloves, and safety glasses. This year also included following Covid-19 Safety Guidelines. This award went to Jerry Bennett, John Stegner, and Nelson Cava Rojas
  • Iron Man Award: An employee shows up every day and can be counted on to get the job done no matter what is takes. This award went to Ariel Becerra, Jason Eisenhour, and Kevin Featherstone
  • Spirit of Cooperation: An employee who goes above and beyond to get a task done and is willing to do anything asked of them to help Capital Mechanical achieve success on the jobsite. This award went to Cesar Castillo, German Garcia, and Edgardo Quezada
  • Subcontractor of the Year: This is the first year we have awarded Subcontractors for their commitment to Capital Mechanical. This award went to: Mechanicsville Backhoe (Austin Mundy), JJ Plumbing, and Claveloux Contracting (Rob Claveloux)