Upgrade Your Toilet With A Cleansing Seat

Add a bidet to your Household.

It’s as easy as changing your toilet seat.

Add a Bidet Toilet Seat to any one of your toilets in your home. Discover how water cleansing can be cleaner, more refreshing alternative to toilet tissue alone. Find a range of decors and spa-like amenities with functionalities such as warm-water cleansing, a heated seat, nightlight, and much more. We offer a range of Kohler Bidet Seats which we will be happy to install for you. Request a Service and select Bidet Toilet Seat!

Did you know?

Nearly 27,000 trees are cut down every day to meet the global demand for toilet paper, which can exceed 34 Million rolls daily! The average person will require the equivalent of 384 trees to meet their lifetime supply of toilet paper. Bidets can eliminate the need for toilet paper entirely, particularly the models with built-in dryers. Data from PHC Magazine Vol 20 No. 9

Photo from Kohler