Recirculating Pumps

MAY I Please Get Some Hot Water? 

Have you ever stood in your bathroom waiting for your shower to get hot?  Or worse, have you ever been in a hurry and not had the time to wait for that hot water??  Well unless you are one of the rare people who loves a cold shower, you will appreciate Capital Mechanical’s May special: 

$75 off a Recirculating Pump for Water Heaters

What do these pumps do exactly? 

The key benefit of a recirculating pump on your home’s water heater is having hot water on demand.  That means that instead of standing, waiting, and wasting gallons of fresh water, your tap will quickly provide the heated water. The recirculation pump keeps the flow of hot water towards the faucet and pushes the colder water back towards the water heater.  Without these little miracle workers, your water heater won’t even start working until after you turn on the faucet.  Thus, the lengthy wait and the thousands of gallons of water, wasted.   

Yes, you can have hot water AND save $75 through MAY 31st 2023.